Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will this cost?
A: We provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Call Gary to set up an appointment at (248) 946-2995.

Q: How long will this take to finish?
A: The time it takes will depend on the specific project at hand. For example a small bathroom remodel you want may take 1 week, while an entirely new guest home for your friends and family to enjoy could take 9 months.  Once we begin we will keep you up to speed on a daily basis so you so can enjoy the results as soon as possible.

Q: Can you really build things that other contractors won’t touch?
A: Yes. From hand bent wooden hand rails to extremely complicated roofing, if you can imagine it we can build it. Call Gary at (248) 946-2995.

Q: Do you take on small jobs?
A: Yes! Please call Gary with your details at (248) 946-2995.